The Sacred Odyssey
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The Sacred Odyssey
Change Your Story, Change the World

Live the Story You Want to Tell

Don’t let anything stop you from being who you were destined to be.



You are a lightworker.

And you have one of the toughest missions on the planet: bringing healing to a world that needs a hell of a lot of it.



You’re also on the fast-track to extreme growth.

You know, the thing where you can’t swing a cat without hitting ten people who’ve launched a two-star business, but you still can’t get your act together because you haven’t learned how to “own your value.”

Sucks, doesn’t it?


Hi, I’m Nicole Ortega

I created The Sacred Odyssey because living your purpose shouldn’t be a struggle.

Wielding the light for others means you do a lot of work in the shadows where it’s dark and hard to see if you’re on the right path.

So I’m here to hold the light for YOU, and help you navigate the entrepreneurial labyrinth without taking unnecessary detours (like re-writing your about page a thousand times).


We Could Be Soulmates If:

You’ve ever wished your guides would give you a personalized Life’s Operating Manual–because sometimes you just want somebody to tell you exactly what to do.


You’d rather have your eyes gouged out with a grapefruit spoon than waste a single minute trading the most precious resource you have–your time–for an hourly wage at a joy-sucking job.


You think that scene from the Matrix when Neo jacks in and learns all the things is The. Best. Ever. and should be the world’s number one research priority because we need that ability like last century.


You believe the universe really is scheming to help you reach your maximum potential and somehow, your gifts, skills, and experiences all magically add up to a beautiful piece that fits into the larger puzzle. This made perfect sense when you were a blob of energy plotting it all out like a mad scientist, but now, here on earth? The mystery of it all drives you more than a little insane.

What I Do:



Coaching (and butt-kicking if needed) to help you find your focus, confidence & motivation. 



Intuitive insight to dig deep and uncover the reality behind you are and why you’re here.



Strategy to help you consciously craft a life story that takes you from victim, to heroine.

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