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Spiritual guidance for lightworkers

You were Born for This:

Unleash Your Destiny

Helping lightworkers navigate the journey to fuse making a living, with making a difference.


Healer  | Intuitive | Dreamer | Goddess | Teacher

You’re a spiritual entrepreneur–a beacon of light in a world that could use a lot more of it.

You’re also human–which means that visualizing how you can change the world and actually doing it–come from two completely different playbooks. 

As a lightworker, you’ve signed up for one of the toughest missions on the planet, because you know that real change happens from the inside-out. But when you try to move forward despite your interior drama, it shows up in your business as the glass ceilings of imposter syndrome, procrastination, chronic perfectionism, and overgiving, like you’re running against the wind with a parachute strapped to your back.


I’m Nicole Ortega

I created The Sacred Odyssey because it shouldn’t be hard to spread your light. 

Living your calling is ten shades of awesome, once you wade through your swamp of false personal stories. I couldn’t imagine a more fulfilling vocation than being a professional intuitive, but starting my business launched me into an intense journey of awakening that I wasn’t fully prepared for.

Spiritual entrepreneurs need specialized support and it’s my intention to share what I’ve learned along my own journey and provide resources to help you work through your “stuff” so you can get your sacred work into the hands of more of the people you’re meant to serve.


We Could Be Soulmates If:

You’ve ever wished your guides would give you a personalized “Life's Operating Manual”–so you can skip trying to figure out how to live your purpose, and just live it already.


You’d rather have your eyes gouged out with a grapefruit spoon than waste a single minute trading the most precious resource you have–your time–for an hourly wage at a soul-sucking job.


You think that scene from the Matrix when Neo jacks in and learns all the things is The. Best. Ever. and should be the world’s number one research priority because we need that ability like last century.


You believe that the whole universe is scheming to help you reach your maximum potential and somehow, your gifts, skills, and experiences all magically add up to a beautiful piece that fits into the universal puzzle. This made perfect sense when you were a blob of energy plotting it all out like a mad scientist, but now it drives you crazy not knowing what it all means.

How Can I Help You?




Encouragement (and butt-kicking as necessary) to keep you centered, focused & motivated. 



Intuitive insight to dig deep and uncover the true story of who you are and why you’re here.



Strategies to compliment the truth of who you are as the heroine of your story.


My Gift to You:


The newsletters are created to share with you what I’m learning, implementing and experiencing in my own business and life, in a way that I hope will inspire and encourage your own authentic and creative path in doing what you love as well as discovering and expressing who you really are. I truly believe in letting your spirit speak through your creations, and I’d be thrilled for you to be part of the community!